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Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Jails Ride Kirkwood Sunday Ride Atlanta By BikeABC’s training ride this month is hosted by the Kirkwood Sunday Ride (facebook page).  Instead of our usual start at Manuel’s Tavern, we’ll be meeting at Le Petite Marche in the Kirkwood Neighborhood (map below).

We’ll still ride past multiple incarceration facilities, a landfill, and along the little known McAfee Road. Of the three, only McAfee poses a threat to you – with 6 steep hills packed into a straight-as-an-arrow 3.3 mile stretch. This ride has some great lightly-traveled sections of road, yet never ventures outside of I-285.

Driving directions:  East on I-20, exit left on Maynard Terrace, right on Memorial, then left on Howard.

Ride starts at corner of Howard and Hosea Williams.

Riding directions from downtown Decatur:  ride south on N. McDonough, right on Oakview, right on Hosea Williams into Kirkwood retail district.  Start is across Howard from the BP station.

Transit: Closest MARTA stations are Candler Park and East Lake – transit directions. (Enter the address “1963 Hosea L. Williams Dr., Atlanta GA 30317” into the destination field).

Ride at 9 am, then plan on staying on for post-ride bike talk and brunch at Le Petite Marche.  Order off the menu, or take advantage of the “Cyclist Special” — served by our own volunteers!.

This no-drop ride has an A and B group.

For more information email David Southerland david@perimetergo.org or call 404-933-4541.


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As cyclists, one of the primary benefits of being on the bike is to be outdoors- in many instances this means sun exposure.  Not being judging or critical, but we cyclists wear funny clothes; often the same funny clothes on each outing (hopefully with a washing in between).  The same gloves, the same tpyes of socks, similar style shorts and jerseys, even sunglasses and helmet straps are all contributors to cyclists developing some of the most unique tan lines of any sport- the bike tan.

Lance Armstrong Tan Line Cyclist Tan Bike Tan The boring scientific breakdown of the tan line phenomena is that tanning is produced by the release of melanin when the skin is exposed to ultra-violet light- typically sunlight.  A tan line occurs when different areas of the skin are exposed to varying levels of UV light, resulting in divergent levels of melanin production and a darker skin color in the area receiving higher UV exposure- lighter color on the less exposed areas.  I am not going to expound on the merit of sun protection here- we all know that it is a good idea, but tan lines happen regardless of your SPF choice.  This is the fun and quirky topic of exploration on today’s blog, abundant and useful medical advices is available elsewhere.

Kirkwood Atlanta Intown Cycling Biking Group Ride Bik Cyclist Bicycle Tan Line

The Tan Line Lineup: Brigette, Paul "Whitey", Jen, Sean, The Other Jeff

This week’s Kirkwood Sunday Ride embraces our differences- crossing color lines to explore what each rider’s tan line means to them.  I found that it was different for nearly everyone. For some it was a badge of pride, for others a source of discomfort to be casually explained away.  Some were too white too technically have a tan line at all.  In the end we CAN just get along!  We had a terrific ride today with only one crash and one flat in the group of about  15 riders- all made it back home safely.  The pace was fast today in all groups and everyone was back at La Petit Marche for a yummy brunch by noon- we also had a great opportunity capture a picture of our own tan line lineup!  Enjoyed it guys- thanks a million!

Further Reading: Galendara reflects on her century ride and tan/grime lines. 

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Okay, the rapture didn’t quite come off like as predicted- unless the world ended and everyone I know is just in hell- a very distinct possibility.  If you are a frequent visitor to the Team Eddie blog, you probably had a clue that yesterday’s  Atlanta Cyclist Disapears post was a bit of a hoax.  Funny enough- it has been the single most popular post ever  for this blog with over 500 hits as of this writing…and counting.  I find it a little sad that topics about cancer, family rides and other subjects which I find personally fulfilling were all beat by news of a goofy disapearing cyclist believed to have been raptured….go figure!  Ethan and I did have a fun time staging the bike and clothing for the photos though! 

Not related to the Apocalypse –  but after an unusually cool and wonderful spring in Atlanta the weather is now starting to turn hot.  Being a delicate northern flower; I wilt easily in the heat. From this point on I will need to start to orient my riding to the early morning or after sundown.  Does anyone know if there is a way to acclimate to the heat?  I just can never seem to get over it! 

Saturday Ride 5/21/2011

The boys and I were going to push for 50 miles today- but we got started a little later than planned and by noon it was too hot to finish a full fifty.  We got a nice section of the Intown Loop completed, the boys always love whistling and whooping as we go through the Krog Street Tunnel, so this route is always one for them.  We made a shot stop at the Jackson St. overpass at Freedom Parkway to check out the impressive view of the Atlanta skyline before heading down Century/Argonne to Piedmont Park.  The boys had not seen the new park extension  that I was able to preview during the BeltLine Tour , so we detoured from our route through the park to go check it out.  The new fountain feature was full of kids playing in the water- but neither Liam or Ethan felt like disrobing to run through the fountain in their Lycra. 

Kirkwood Sunday Ride 5/22/2011Post Rapture Ride to the Rock”

We had a great group of 15-18 riders today for the Sunday ride- but things went a little screwy from almost the get-go.  Megan experienced a derailleur issue and turned back by the Columbia Seminary.  From there Liam rode with the “A” group and I never saw him again until the finish.  Ethan and I rode out to the mountain and waited to meet up with the the main group, but after 20 minutes decided we had missed them and headed back for home.  It turns out that they did two loops around the mountain and we were nearly back to the starting point when Patrick called to let me know that Liam was with them and they were just leaving the park.  

While riding down Oakview, just outside of Oakhurst village Ethan exlclaimed that he had gotten his water bottle while mounted- something we had been working on.  This news was followed by a large crash- Ethan falling off his bike!  Ooops! I circled around to check him out after his second crash in as many weeks- he was fine.  I asked him how it felt to go over the handlebars and he replied “I didn’t notice going over the handlebars because I was concentrating on crashing”.  He is a tough little kid.  In striking the curb he flatted his front tire.  For the first time ever, I had left my Co2 inflator at the house, so while we had a spare tube we had nothing to fill it with.  We practiced the art of walking home.

Liam came in with Steve from the fast group (thanks Steve!!!) a short time later and we all enjoyed a post-rapture-post-ride brunch at Le Petite Marche!  A lovely weekend of riding to  be sure! 

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Inman Park Fest/ Wire Miniature Bicylces

Ethan and I were at the Inman Park Festival yesterday, which I have to admit that I enjoyed WAY more than this year’s Atlanta Dogwood Festival several weeks ago.   It is PRIME season for festivals in Atlanta these days- the weather is superb with just a touch of the heat to come, but not so hot yet as  to not  be enjoyable.  In other words it was about as perfect of a day as one could hope for!

Shortly after arrival we stopped at a booth with some interesting photos of trees.  As I walked around the side of the booth we found some incredible miniature bicycles made out of wire.  There were hundreds of these individual hand-crafted bikes!  We kept saying “Oh! Look at that one!  No- look at that one! ”  After narrowing down our selections we purchased two of them- a steal at only $5 each.  In talking with the vendor, he purchased them from a man in Brazil who works as a security guard at a school.  Supposedly the man uses the money he raises to donate to the school.  Neat story and neater bikes!

Kirkwood Sunday Ride

The Kirkwood Sunday Ride  was spectacular today!  For the second week in a row we had over 15 riders for our weekly pilgrimage out to Stone Mountain.  Liam and Ethan made it all the way out there (and back) for the first time and Ethan really kept his powder dry because our average speed on the way back was 1.3 mph faster than the ride out.  I am really impressed with his speedy progression.  Liam also went with the “fast group” on their loop around the mountain while Ethan and I both hung at the turn-around point to collect everyone.  Thanks to everyone who came out- this ride is a pleasure to organize and I take pride that everyone is smiling when we get to home base- though that probably has to do with the terrific post-ride brunch at Le Petit Marche’ that the group usually hangs out for.

If you are looking for a great intown Atlanta bicycle ride, come out and join us! Kirkwood Sunday Ride is organized and administered through the Facebook group by the same name- it is an open group so find us there to get ride updates and the like.  We have an “A” Group for the faster riders and a slightly more leisurely-paced “B” Group for the rest of us.  Both groups are no-drop, meaning that they wait for the slowest rider in each group  so no one gets stranded, lost or neglected.  We have had an influx of new folks and riders of all abilities are welcome- as long as you have a good attitude!

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